Get Your First Dental Assistant Job

Get Your First Dental Assistant Job
Get Your First Dental Assistant Job

How to Get Your First Dental Assistant Job

When most individuals are considering dental assistant school, there’s one question that they just can’t seem to get off their minds: how difficult will it be to attain my first job?

And really, this is a question that crosses the minds of anyone who is willing to invest both their money and time into pursuing their dream career.

Luckily, landing your dream position as a dental assistant doesn’t have to be difficult. At least, not when you’re willing to take the necessary steps to prepare for your career and get your foot in the door.

Gaining Experience is a Great Way to Break Down Barriers to Get Your First Dental Assistant Job

Experience is a common buzzword when it comes to hiring. Of course, most employers prefer hiring candidates with experience because they require less instruction and have already proven themselves in the position.

This means that in some cases, you simply need to be willing to take on a temporary position, even if it isn’t your preferred workplace. That’s because you’ll quickly build up the experience necessary to break barriers and quickly transition from one of many dental assisting schools in Colorado to the office of your dreams.

Sometimes, Experience Isn’t Necessary

However, experience isn’t always necessary to break down the common barriers to hiring. That’s because now more than ever before, there is a shortage of dental assistants in contrast to the demand for these professionals.

As a result, you can transition from a 10-week, weekend only training program to a great position simply because you exude professionalism, friendliness, and the humble willingness to learn as you progress.

In fact, nearly a third of Colorado Dental Assisting School’s graduates have been hired by one of our host dental practices within a week of graduation. This means they didn’t even have to submit a resume, interview, or do anything other than just perform well in the class and internship.

Choosing the Right Dental Assisting School Can Make all the Difference on How To Get Your First Dental Assistant Job

While the name of a school isn’t important for the hiring process, the money you pay for your education and the time spent acquiring it is.

That’s because if you’ve spent $17,000 on a course and invested years of your life without a job for financial support, you’ll be forced to jump at the first position that comes your way.

However, if you make the savvy decision to save both your time and money by joining a program like that at the Colorado Dental Assisting School, you can exercise discretion in choosing where to work.

That’s because this will not only give you the ability to negotiate a better job from the beginning simply because you made intelligent decisions in your education, but you’ll also have additional competitive advantages, such as:

  • Attendance at one of the top 5 Dental Assisting Schools in Colorado as defined by graduation statistics;
  • Access to the largest employer of dental assistants in the state relative to other Dental Assisting Schools through our parent company. In fact, 20-30% of graduates are historically hired at the time of graduation;
  • Training under dental assistant instructors currently working as dental assistants, which isn’t always true of other schools;
  • Training at one of only two Dental Assisting Schools in the state with actively working general dentists, hygienists, orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, and oral surgeons within our parent company supported practices. This grants our students unique opportunities to experience how specialty assisting works; and
  • Access to dental practices where the school resides, all of which are owned and operated by partner dentists who are affiliated with the school.

Now, what’s been holding you back from pursuing your dream career as a dental assistant? With more demand than ever before and the ability to enjoy a virtually recession-free position, the time to complete your education and land your first job is now!

Become a Dental Assistant for a Career That Values Interaction, Involvement, and Input!

Dental assisting schools in Colorado
The right profession for you to stay active and engaged

How many jobs have you held where you don’t do much and aren’t really valued as a member of a team? You know, the roles where you show up, sit at your desk, and aren’t asked your opinion? Probably quite a few.

And, if you know that these types of jobs aren’t for you, then a career in dental assisting is the perfect alternative. In fact, you’re guaranteed to never have a dull day in the dental office thanks to consistent patient interaction and the ability to work with new individuals each and every day.

Of course, there are several other benefits that you can expect when you pursue a career in dental assisting. This gives you the freedom to explore your passions and the engagement you need to remain satisfied in the workplace!

The Daily Life of a Dental Assistant is Anything But Boring

If you’re a professional who wants to spend their days making a difference in the lives of patients while remaining highly engaged and providing valuable input, dental assisting might be a great fit.

In fact, working as a dental assistant gives you access to several key benefits in the workplace that you can’t get in most professions, such as:

  • Hands-On Roles With Patients – If you aren’t high up in a company, you rarely get to have a hands-on approach, especially not on a regular basis. As a dental assistant, you’ll be able to perform basic procedures like whitening and work directly with patients on a daily basis.
  • Collaborating With a Team – Most dental offices have at least one dentist, a few front office staff members, a few hygienists, and about two dental assistants. This means you’ll work closely with a few key members, producing measurable benefits for patients through collaboration.
  • Creativity and Input Abound – Many dentists truly value the input and interaction they have with their dental assistants on a daily basis. As a result, you’ll get to use your creativity and input to shape patient outcomes and make a real difference in their lives.

Begin Your Critical Role as a Dental Assistant by Attending One of the Many Dental Assisting Schools in Colorado

With several premier dental assisting schools in Colorado, choosing the right one for you is the first step away from a boring desk job and into an interactive environment that thrives on collaboration, creativity, and a hands-on approach to treatment.

Through programs like the 10 week course available through Colorado Dental Assisting School, you can begin your career in less than three months and for less than $4,000 as well!

You deserve a career that keeps you engaged. And, by taking steps to become a dental assistant, you can do just that!

Dental Assistants vs. Medical Assistants

Dental Assistants vs. Medical Assistants: Which Career Offers the Best Benefits?

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Dental Assistants vs. Medical Assistants

Dental Assistants Versus Medical Assistants

If you’ve been considering entering the healthcare industry as an assistant, there are a lot of decisions you have to make. Of course, your interests are important, but what about the other measurable benefits of choosing one career over another?

After all, the salaries, hours, and opportunities for advancement are often quite different depending upon which industry you choose to enter. And, if you’re like many other professionals, you’ve probably considered a career both as a dental assistant and a medical assistant.

But, are the benefits really that different for these two careers? The answer might surprise you!

Dental Assistants Earn an Annual Median Pay $5,000 Higher Than Medical Assistants

Many assume that becoming a medical assistant will have a greater payoff in terms of salaries but the median pay suggests otherwise. In fact, dental assistants earn an impressive $34,500 per year median pay whereas medical assistants earn just $29,370.

And, because you can become a dental assistant in as little as 10 weeks at dental assisting schools in Denver, you too can experience this distinct benefit rather quickly!

Dental Assistants Work More Regular Hours and Almost Always Enjoy Holidays Off

Hospitals and some medical practices run around the clock. As such, medical assistants are often forced to work evening, weekend, and holiday shifts.

However, dental assistants often enjoy regular working hours from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. during weekdays. Additionally, many dental assistants enjoy weekends and holidays off too, adding further benefits to already predictable and manageable hours.

Dental Assistants Enjoy Greater Opportunities for Growth as Their Careers Progress

It’s not so common for medical assistants to run a medical office one day but what about dental assistants? They’re often the professionals that are able to run a dental office as they progress in their careers.

This leads to fulfilling growth that shows marked advancement in the field, leading many dental assistants to feel a sense of accomplishment that medical assistants simply don’t.

Check out our dental assisting schools in Denver, Castle Rock, and Colorado Springs.

Too many potential dental assistants waste time and money choosing dental assisting schools in Colorado that don’t propel them into their career as quickly as possible. But at the Colorado Dental Assisting School, we view things differently.

When you choose to train with us, you can become a dental assistant for less than $4,000 and just 10 weeks of training.

So, what are you waiting for? Break into the healthcare industry today and experience the benefits only dental assistants do!

What do dental assistants do on a daily basis?

Colorado Dental Assisting School
Colorado Dental Assisting School Students Practicing

What do Dental Assistants Really Do?

We’ve all seem them: answering questions, scheduling appointments, and maintaining patient records. But, what do dental assistants do beyond these basic roles? A lot, to be exact.

In fact, if you’ve been considering a career as a dental assistant but aren’t quite sure what you’ll be doing on a daily basis, it’s time to get acquainted with how much impact and influence you’ll actually have in the office.

The best part? Each and every day, you’ll be able to transform the lives of everyday patients through the seemingly minor roles you play, giving you a sense of satisfaction you simply don’t get with other careers.

A Day in the Life of a Dental Assistant

When you begin your career as a dental assistant after attending premier programs available at Colorado Dental Assisting School, you’ll be able to perform countless integral roles to ensure patients receive the highest possible standard of care.

That’s because in addition to administrative tasks, you’ll also be involved in incredibly important roles like:

  • Patient Preparation – Many patients come into the office apprehensive about their procedure or condition. As a dental assistant, you’ll prepare patients for oral examinations, create a repertoire with patients to put them at ease, and record vital signs for each patient to ensure the highest standard of care.
  • Prepare Instruments and Rooms – Preparing instruments and rooms is also important. As a dental assistant, you’ll organize and maintain lab equipment, prepare rooms, instruments, and tray setups for procedures.
  • Assist With Procedures – Dental assistants also assist dentists in providing treatment, take, develop, and mount x-rays, place fillings in certain states, and even fabricate temporary restorations or custom impressions from preliminary impressions. Additionally, dental assistants play an integral role in assisting the dentist in the management of both medical and dental emergencies.
  • Expanded Functions – After spending several months in the profession, dental assistants are often able to apply sealants, polish teeth, and monitor specialized procedures. This gets you more involved with patients and enables you to make a difference firsthand.
  • Assist in Proper Patient Care – Dental assistants schedule and follow up with patients and provide oral hygiene instructions, establishing proper habits that will lead to long-term health.

Get the Education You Need to Begin Your Career at the Colorado Dental Assisting School

If you’ve been considering a career as a dental assistant but weren’t quite sure why you wanted to pursue the profession, it’s time to get the education you need to change the lives of patients everywhere.

And, when you choose to pursue your education through Colorado Dental Assisting School, you can jump-start your career in just 10 short weeks!

Now, what are you waiting for? It’s about time that you pursued your passion and began making a positive change in the lives of patients!

How dental assisting can help you make an impact

Making An Impact - Dental Assisting Schools In Colorado
Making An Impact – Dental Assisting Schools In Colorado

Make a Real Impact On Lives As a Dental Assistant

Few professions allow individuals the benefit of making a real impact on people’s lives. Because let’s face it, when was the last time you went home thinking about how lucky you were for your accountant?

Maybe around tax time, but that’s about it.

But, what if you could join a profession where each and every day you leave knowing that people are leaving thinking about how lucky they were to have crossed your path?

By becoming a dental assistant by attending one of many dental assisting schools in Colorado, you can do just that.

So, How Can a Dental Assistant Change Someone’s Life?

Let’s start with a question: why do most patients pay a visit to the dentist (other than being forced to go as a child)?

Typically, it’s because they’re either experiencing some sort of discomfort or are looking to improve their physical experience. And with each patient, you’ll be able to provide the expertise necessary to give him or her the comfort and confidence they seek.

But, how can you do that? There are actually seven simple ways that assistants can change lives, including:

  1. Assist in the diagnosis of oral cancer, potentially saving lives;
  2. Take patients’ blood pressure, potentially revealing a heart condition to the patient for the first time;
  3. Whiten a patient’s teeth, preparing them for a special event;
  4. Relieve toothache pain for clients;
  5. Contribute to improved smiles, causing some clients to have tears of joy with their final result;
  6. Volunteer at non-profit clinics to assist patients on limited budgets; and
  7. Calm dental anxiety for patients.

Deliver Change That’s Months or Years in the Making

Often, dental assistants wrongly believe that their daily role will focus more on administrative tasks than one-on-one contact with patients. And while you won’t be performing procedures yourself, you’ll be one member of a team critical to each patient’s well-being and happiness.

This means that every day, you can leave work knowing that you’ve been one of the reasons why someone once embarrassed to smile now can’t resist doing so. More importantly, you can leave each and every day knowing that every patient that you encounter is a positive opportunity to make a real difference.

Becoming a Dental Assistant Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

If you’re ready to change lives and want to feel that intrinsic sense of satisfaction that you will every day when you leave work, a career as a dental assistant is a great way to do so.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend years and tens of thousands of dollars to prepare for your life-altering career either. In fact, when you choose the best of all the dental assisting schools in Colorado, you can become a dental assistant in just 10 weeks!

Don’t wait to change the lives of patients daily! Become a dental assistant today and experience the best part of the job: the happiness of knowing that each patient you assist loves their smile once again!

One of the Fastest Growing and Most Stable Professions in America

Experience Job Stability and Demand as a Dental Assistant

Finding a career with both job stability and on-demand hiring is no easy task, especially today.

But, what if you could pursue an exciting career where you not only get to change lives on a daily basis, but can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your career is basically recession-proof?

If you choose to pursue a career in dental assisting by attending one of several dental assisting schools in Denver, you can do just that.

Job Growth Statistics Ensure That You’re Always in Demand

Few healthcare jobs are always in demand, but becoming a dental assistant is.

Dental Assisting Schools In Denver
Dental Assistant Employment Growth

In fact, it’s expected that by 2020, the number of dental assistants is expected to grow by at least 31%. This means that each and every year, nearly 92,000 jobs become available, at least 6,000 of which are available in Colorado alone.

That’s because dental assistants rank eighth among the “Hardest to Fill Healthcare Jobs.” Subsequently, as a dental assistant, you’ll experience a higher demand in hiring than both doctors and surgeons.

This also means that as others struggle to find a long-term career, you’ll have leverage with wage and benefits negotiations to secure a position in an office you love doing what you’re passionate about each and every day.

Eliminate Financial Struggle and Your Endless Job Hunt by Beginning Your Career as a Dental Assistant

Proof of the recession is everywhere, whether you have friends struggling to find jobs or are experiencing the financial strain yourself.

Now I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t becoming a dental assistant mean having to spend tens of thousands of dollars and years in school, introducing a financial strain into my life anyways? The best part is that no, it doesn’t have to!

At Colorado Dental Assisting School, one of the premier dental assisting schools in Denver, you can become a dental assistant in just 10 weeks, eliminating student debt and years wasted in school from your life.

So, what do you have to lose? Begin your career today or learn more about why you should become a dental assistant for the job security, benefits, and on-demand employment you’re looking for!

Benefits of working as a dental assistant

Dental Assisting Schools In Denver
Financial Rewards of Dental Assisting

Six Amazing Benefits of Working as a Dental Assistant

Upon first glance, it seems like dental assistants have it all when it comes to the healthcare profession. After all, they do enjoy among the highest job security rates and are within an industry where demand is always increasing!

But what many future dental assistants don’t realize is that in addition to earning an annual salary above the national average, they’ll also have access to additional employment benefits that make this career choice even more valuable.

Additional Reasons to Become a Dental Assistant

You’re interested in becoming a dental assistant for all the right reasons: a hands-on working environment, regular working hours in the healthcare industry, and, of course, the potential to transform the lives of your patients.

Luckily, you can do all of this while accessing additional benefits as well. According to the Dental Assistant National Board’s most recent salary survey, a sizable amount of dental assistants reap amazing benefits like:

  • Paid Vacation Benefits – A reported 85% of dental assistants receive paid vacation time.
  • Major Medical Insurance – Insurance can be extremely costly. 57% of dental assistants receive major medical insurance, meaning that you could as well!
  • 401(k) or Pension Plan – 61% of dental assistants receive a 401(k) or pension plan, setting them up for a successful, financially secure future.
  • Free Dental Care – Just over half of dental assistants, 53% to be exact, receive free dental care.
  • Paid Sick Leave – If you’re ever sick and can’t come in to work, you might be like 61% of dental assistants that can take paid sick leave.
  • Paid Holidays – A staggering 82% of dental assistants receive paid holidays, allowing you to spend time with family and friends while still making money.

Additionally, many practices offer incentives to those who offer premium performance in the workplace. This means that you could earn between a 5% and 20% bonus compensation package for simply showing up to work and doing what you love every day.

Begin Your Training at One of the Dental Assisting Schools in Denver

There are many premier dental assisting schools in Denver and if you’ve been considering a career as a dental assistant, any are a great choice to get your career started!

Once you do, you too can begin to reap the valuable benefits you stand to gain through your rewarding, engaging career as a dental assistant.

Financial Rewards of Dental Assisting
Financial Rewards of Dental Assisting